Archivio Ceradi

About Us

Archivio Ceradi is the on-line Review of CERADI. Its aim is to provide the documentation of the research activities of the Center, presenting the works which have been completed and, if appropriate, the research materials of the ongoing activities. Accordingly, the documents may include preliminary observations on recent legislative acts, comments of judicial opinions, reports on seminars and conferences organized by the Center or attended by researchers of the Center.

The review is constantly updated on the basis of the advancement of the research activities. For those contributions which are deemed worthy of publication through the press, the latter mostly occurs in addition to the publication on-line.

CERADI was established on March 12, 1986 with the LUISS, in order to study and research the law of enterprises.

According to its by-laws, the Center:

  • promotes and supports the research activity of the University;
  • carries out researches of general interest upon request of other entities and research centers;
  • organizes lectures, seminars, conferences and other related activities, which promote research; grants certificates;
  • publishes the results of the studies of the researches through reports;
  • enters into agreements with other universities or research centers, either in Italy or abroad, in order to perform the tasks indicated above;
  • provides assistance to researchers, on an annual basis and for no more than five candidates per year, with contributions and upon indication of entities, associations and other bodies, either Italian or foreign.

The Center started to operate in January 1987.

Ceradi is supported by:

  • Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto
  • Fondazione Montanari
  • Mediobanca
  • Acri
  • Assofiduciaria
  • Banca Antonveneta
  • Banca CR Firenze
  • Confindustria
  • Fondazione Banco di Sicilia
  • Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto